Chine : ImgII Studio China

Publication août 2013

Publication de la série "Intérieurs en Chine dans ImgII Studio China

该系列作品名为Interieurs,由比利时摄影师Pierre Leblanc拍摄。每幅图片讲述了一组车内乘客在这个私人空间里上演的故事,它或美丽、或恐怖,甚至荒谬,涉及了爱情、毒品、酗酒、自杀等话题。


A sharp look on a cracked up society.

If the expression « to be driving » often means that we are “master on board”, having control on our lives, I show here that it’s not always the case. As in the backyard of a mansion or the backstage of a theater, I propose through this series a point of view on what escapes most of the time to our eyes. Who has never dreamed of being invisible to be able to see forbidden scenes? Cars cockpits are the set I use to depict our deepest states. Stopping the time in this private space, “Insides” reveals us as behind closed doors, the intimacy of drivers and their possible passengers, either it is made out of nice, absurd or horror. New, second-hand, rented or stolen, the car- as a mirror-carries us as the body is the vehicle of our souls.

This systematic artwork delivers us human being in all its states. Fasten your seatbelts and safe journey…

Artworks: "Intérieurs"

Canada : 180 StyleArt

Publication juillet 2013
Artworks: "Intérieurs"